The  Face  of  Homelessness  Will  Surprise  You


In 2012, the US Census Bureau American Community Survey reported that nearly 18.1 million Georgians lived in poverty. Of that group, there are over 9,000 persons struggling to get out of homelessness!


Statistics about homelessness and poverty show that the plight of the homeless and poverty stricken individual is constantly increasing from year to year.  Learn more about the rate of homelessness in your area. Read more...


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Growing  healthy  foods


Join us in our community garden as we plant healthy foods for our food bank. Join us as we soon get ready for spring.


Through our harvesting healthy foods program, we will build the inventory of Marietta Homeless Authority's food bank; as well as discuss the impact of gardening in the community, the family, and youth in school. Harvesting Healthy Foods is held weekly. (Reschedule pending weather conditions.)

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